Malta Holiday Tips

Malta is a friendly and safe holiday destination, but a few tips will help you get more out of your stay!

  • The sea has no tides but carries with it some dangers of undertows in winter. Swimming in winter is therefore not advised. Swim where the Maltese do and avoid swimming alone.
  • Although the weather during the winter months can be inviting, do not swim far out. Underwater currents can be treacherous.
  • Entry-points around rocky bathing areas can be slippery.
  • When visiting a church, you will be expected to wear tops with sleeves and preferably long trousers as opposed to shorts.

Malta Weather

  • Between September and November the island may be hit by infrequent heavy showers, which means that in some localities streets may be flooded quite severely. If it rains heavily and you need to drive ask one of the locals which areas to avoid, depending on your destination.
  • Remember to use sun lotion in summer. Locals are advised to avoid the sun altogether between 11am and 4pm for health reasons.

Malta Transport and Car Hire Related Tips

  • Driving in Malta is on the left side of the road and follow the same rules as the United Kingdom.
  • Signs do not always clearly indicate directions to all destinations. If you are hiring a car, get a good map or rent a GPS.
  • If you rent a car in Malta please note that baby seats and seat belts are compulsory.
  • If you decide to take a taxi note that black taxis or private hire cabs offer fixed prices, while white taxis will charge you their own fees which are usually more expensive. White taxis are more common, so if you do end up taking one be sure to pre-arrange a price. You can negotiate a fee with them, but really only when other available white taxis are around otherwise it is suggested to use a private cab company such as Active Cabs.
  • If you are thinking of hiring a scooter or bike in Malta keep in mind that the road surface isn’t very good in some places. Renting a scooter costs as much as hiring a car so it is probably safer and cheaper to get a car hire in Malta instead.
  • Beware of traffic wardens. Some are keen to fine a hired car, knowing that the driver may not be around long enough to contest it. Seek advise from the car hire company.

If you have any other tips to help others improve their holiday in Malta, please email us and we will consider including them in this list.

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