Used Car Sales in Malta

In Malta new cars are relatively expensive to buy in contrast to other European countries. This is due to the high registration fees imposed by Malta transport authorities in addition to the high transportation costs to bring vehicles into the island. For this reason the Malta second hand car industry dominates a considerable share of the automotive market, with hundreds of used car dealers and auto dealers offering second hand cars for sale in Malta.

Many auto dealers in Malta import cars directly from the UK or from Japan in view that in Malta we drive on the left side of the road. Other car dealers in Malta and second hand auto dealers purchase used rental and leasing cars at wholesale rates and then offer them for sale in their auto showrooms.

Active Car Rental Malta sell used cars and offer second hand cars for sale through its partner company Active Motors. Active Motors is an auto dealer firm in Malta selling used rental and leasing cars at wholesale prices.

For best deals on used cars for sale and second hand cars in Malta, follow in the footsteps of many Malta auto dealers and buy a quality used car at wholesale price.

Visit the Active Motors website or visit the showroom in Valletta Road, Luqa for a test drive or to secure a bargain on quality used cars in Malta.

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